Frequently Asked Questions

I have a specific format for the output delivery. Can you work with my format?

Absolutely. We offer a standard format, but also are happy to work with you to provide a format that fits your needs.

I have an on-going tracker. Can you guarantee consistency throughout?

Yes. Our workflow process is designed to dedicate the same group for multi-phase projects, reusing and building upon previous codebooks as needed.

What is your baseline for creating a code?

Also known as a "like-responses threshold", we typically create a code for responses with at least 3 mentions as standard. We are happy to edit this to your specifications if needed.

In what format(s) do you receive data?

Verbatim should be delivered in an Excel format. Questionnaires should be submitted in Word or as a data map in Excel.

What format is the deliverable sent in?

Codeframes and coded data are delivered in Excel format.

Can you code medical responses?

Yes. We have a dedicated team of medical coders. All data is reviewed prior to assignment and medical data is coded by one of our experienced medical team members.

Can you code in languages other than English?

We currently only code English responses - but we are able to translate other languages into English prior to coding.

I have a codeframe I’d like to use. Is that possible?

Yes. We can use a pre-existing codeframe, or we provide the codeframe creation.

I’d like to approve the codeframe before coding begins. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Our standard process is to send open-end response codeframes to our clients, and once approved, we begin coding. Of course, we are happy to send other - specify codeframes for approval at the client's request.

My survey is not finished fielding. Can you create a codeframe from partial results?

Yes. We are happy to begin your project with partial data. Send the data over in batches and we can help you along the way.

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